Cronkite News – Phoenix Sports Bureau

The Cronkite School offers a leading bachelor's degree program in journalism and master’s degree of mass communication. And now, the school has created a sports journalism program that is unparalleled in the nation. Cronkite Sports includes more than a dozen sports media classes, sports communication internships around the country and extraordinary professional experiences.

Students have covered the Olympics. Next year, they will provide in-depth coverage of Super Bowl XLIX. And every year, students report on Major League Baseball spring training, providing rich multimedia content to major metropolitan newspapers and other national news outlets, and soon they will get real-world experience reporting from a full-immersion sports bureau at the ASU California Center in Los Angeles.

Phoenix is one of 11 cities in the United States with all four major sports leagues. It is also home to a Pac-12 university, two college bowl games, PGA and LPGA tournaments, NASCAR and spring training for half the teams in Major League Baseball.

Students in Cronkite Sports intern with major sports teams and the media outlets that cover them; benefit from the school's professional partnerships with ESPN, the Pac-12 Network, Fox Sports, and others; and pursue student media opportunities as early as freshman year that afford students hands-on clips and experience in the competitive arena of sports reporting.

The Cronkite School is located in a $71 million media complex in Phoenix, Ariz., the nation's sixth-largest city and 13th-largest broadcast market of hundreds. Students are walking-distance away from stadiums that house the MLB Arizona Diamondbacks and the NBA Phoenix Suns.

Cronkite alums are working in major sports newsrooms nationwide including at ESPN, NFL Network, FOX, KCBS LA and Fox Sports 1. Alumni also run live sporting events for CBS, FOX, ESPN and Univision and work for NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA teams.

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